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Web design & development

You need a professional website that can get you more leads and make you more sales

Your business website should be the central point that connects all your online marketing efforts, it works as a hub that collects customer data from any online platform your business has a presence on. Our duty is to design and develop for you a professional website that gets the job done and help your business grow and expand.

  • Professional web design
  • Fully customised
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Built with marketing in mind
  • SEO friendly

SEO marketing services

Your website should rank on the top of the search results and attract more qualified online visitors

We’re proud to be experts in SEO marketing. Our SEO services are distinctive and strategic. At Digital Hashtag we will run an SEO marketing campaign that can boost your website and business’s online presence visibility. This will generate alot of online traffic and therefore increase your sales and business leads.

  • More online traffic
  • Better visibility
  • Targeted and qualified audience
  • More leads and sales
  • Cost-effective in the long run

Pay Per Click PPC advertising

Expand your business’s reach and get more customers with our effective and efficient paid advertising services

Paid advertising can easily generate quick results with high value for money if campaigns are managed by professional online marketing experts. This is what we can help with when you sign up for our online marketing services. The ideal approach is to integrate your paid advertisement into a comprehensive SEO campaign to increase the chance of success and get higher results.

  • Efficient spend on ads
  • Higher ROIs
  • Pay per results
  • Scale-up as you go
  • Optimise for ads performance

Digital marketing services

Our digital marketing services will transform your business and put you ahead of your competitors

Long gone are the days when only referrals and traditional marketing could help sustain and grow businesses. Nowadays, it’s the online world that can greatly determine the future of your business. Digital marketing is now becoming the present and the future. We provide premium digital marketing services for all our clients to help them grow and beat their competitors.

  • Effective online marketing strategies
  • Professional marketing campaigns
  • Critical marketing research
  • Detailed competitive analysis
  • Honest and valuable marketing consultations

Graphic & logo design services

Get a professional brand identity that will make your business stand out and be different from the rest

With our agency’s online marketing services, we can help your business to have the perfect brand identity that represents the nature of its operations and the values it stands for. From sketching ideas, logo design, picking colour schemes to full business stationery, our creative graphic designers can deliver with high quality and professionalism.

  • Creative design
  • Eye for details
  • Design with marketing in mind
  • Differentiation from the competitors
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Online marketing services frequently asked questions

Doing business in the UK is becoming more and more competitive and in order for your business to compete and stand out, you certainly need a professional level of management for your business online presence. It starts from managing your website and social media to implementing SEO and content marketing strategies and running paid advertisement campaigns. This will enhance your chances of getting a good proportion of the business opportunities in your respective industry.
The need for online marketing services agencies is growing as we all move towards the online world, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

There’s no best online marketing service. The ideal scenario would be doing everything for your business to grow it but this comes with a huge expense and is not affordable and suitable for all businesses.
The baseline here is to market online and choose the most effective channels. Social media has been one of the best if you have a good audience base, however, this is getting more and more expensive as the organic reach keeps declining and companies push towards paid advertisement.

Our recommendation for the best online marketing service is SEO marketing. Although it requires an upfront investment, time and resources, it’s effective and efficient in the long run. This mainly focuses on getting your website to rank higher on Google for as many keywords as possible and once this happens your online traffic will start to increase and so will the domain authority.

This overtime results in more enquiries and leads and ultimately more sales which is the purpose of any online marketing service.

An online marketing services company will offer any of the following services:

  1. Social media management
  2. Social media advertisement
  3. SEO marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. PPC advertisement
  6. Branding and design
  7. Online marketing consultancy
  8. Web design and development

There are no disadvantages of online marketing other than its cost in terms of money, time and effort. However, if we consider the results for any online marketing services then the cost is just an investment that pays off over time.

Online marketing services are becoming challenging which is why businesses partner with online marketing agencies to do the job for them and deliver the highest results possible. However, we might highlight some disadvantages as follows:

  • High Competition
  • Complexity
  • Time-consuming
  • Costly
  • Dependability

There isn’t a fixed price for any online marketing services. It always depends on the type of service, scale, level of details and the experience of the online marketing agency that delivers the services.
Overall, online marketing services are not expensive considering the return on investment.

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